Basketball Wives - Episode 6

Last night’s episode was extremely hard for me to watch.  I was completely out of my element, fighting a battle that would have no winner.  I had no interest in having a sit-down to hash things out with Kenya Bell, but after much coaxing from Evelyn, Suzie and the producers, I gave in.  Clearly, I was uncomfortable with the situation and made sure I stayed one step ahead of Kenya and her kitten heels - or removal thereof.  I am proud to say that I am not a fighter, but must admit that I work really hard to keep myself under control.  I am not perfect and can be pushed to my limit. However, in this situation, I find the drama silly and unimportant in my real life and therefore, act and react accordingly.  

I am not proud of the fact that I told Evelyn about Kenya saying she was loose.  Unfortunately, that was one of my lower moments in which I got sucked in and played Kenya’s game.  There are, however, two distinct differences between Kenya and myself in this particular situation.  First, my statements were true and I had back-up to prove it.  And second, I don’t take pleasure in seeing someone take heat.  I don’t get off on that type of thing and am saddened by those who do.  So to borrow a phrase from Evelyn, clearly “I AM NOT ABOUT THIS LIFE”.

Check out my appearance on Vh1’s The Morning Buzz today.  Yes, I know I’m a dork but it was fun and I’ll always love NKOTB!  :-)

Deco Drive Photo Shoot in Miami!!

Deco Drive stopped by my fun photo shoot with Alisa Rauner in Enchanted Park. Check it out!  Swimsuits by Inca.

Behind-the-scenes photos: